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Do you need a new recipe?

do you need a new recipe?

Do you need a new recipe?

Have you ever tried to make a curry with only one spice, or a fruit cake with only one fruit? How about a paella with only rice? It doesn’t work does it?

That’s because you need the blend of ingredients to create the magic deliciousness that makes your mouth water. They all work harmoniously together to create the perfect curry, fruit cake or paella.

So why do we attempt to make the perfect sales team using only one approach?

Or why do we expect each sales person to achieve their individual target in their given territory or sector?

Sales isn’t black and white

One approach isn’t the only right way, making all other approaches wrong.

What I’ve observed over the years is that left to their own devices, sales people have their own route to success. When we jump in, we interfere with the magical element…the unconscious ingredients that create success!

How can you start loosening the reins?

Maybe you could create a small team that work on a specific account to strengthen the relationship and increase what they spend with you, to instil team collaboration.

How about buddying people up to develop their weaker skills.

You could even hand over the sales meeting…or at least a part of it…to a couple of your sales people each month to increase engagement, a sense of value and contribution. They could take it in turns and you get a fresh approach each month.

It doesn’t really matter what you change…as long as you keep testing new ideas.

You would of course have to stop yourself jumping in to get them to do it your way.

Did I just hear a sharp intake of breath? 😉

If you want a proactive sales team that think for themselves and step out of their comfort zone into the growth zone…you have to do that too!

How willing are you to do that? To let go and let them rise or scuff their knees?

If you can’t do that, you’re part of the problem!

The next time you complain about poor performance, lack of proactivity, reasons and excuses on pipelines or sales…then take a long hard look at yourself and ask…

What am I doing that contributes to this situation?

The most important part of this exercise is to take the time to look inwards so that you can own your part…then to do something about it.

It’s confronting but totally liberating at the same time.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

“It’s helped me to see things differently and to develop some areas that I have struggled with previously.”

DS, Hatty Blue